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DCOM Knoxville

     DCOM at LMU-Knoxville offers the same four-year, full-time academic and clinical program as offered at the LMU-DCOM Harrogate campus granting the Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) degree. A brand new campus opened it's doors to a class of 125 in fall of 2019. 

Join your Knoxville Class        Groups!

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In Knoxville, we currently have 25 student organizations and interest groups, with new ones added every year! Whether you are looking for professional development, socialization, or community involvement there is something for you. 


Stay up to date with all of the student hosted and student focused events by checking out our events calendar. If you want to have an event added for DCOM Knoxville, check out the bottom of the calendar page for directions.

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