Who to contact at DCOM Knoxville

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Director of Academic Support

Questions concerning tutoring, advising, academic support, licensing examinations

Mr. Cody (Christopher) Harrison |  christopher.harrison@lmunet.edu

Dr. Aaron Phillips | aaron.phillips@lmunet.edu


Associate Dean of Preclinical Academic Affairs and Basic Medical Sciences

Questions about the academic calendar and general curriculum

Dr. Clarence Colle | clarence.colle@lmunet.edu  


Chief Administrative Officer

Questions about the general curriculum, facilities/building concerns, building day-to-day operations

Dr. Jeffrey Martin | jeffrey.martin@lmunet.edu


Assessment Team Liaisons

Course or lecture-specific concerns

See email sent at the start of the semester for specific contact information

Individual Course Directors for each course

Individual lectures, courses, examinations (content), labs

Assistant Dean of Clinical Affairs

Course oversight questions/concerns about EPC/OPP (years 1 and 2), Questions about Clinical Rotations (years 3 and 4)

Dr. Anya Cope | anya.cope@lmunet.edu


SGA Executive Board Vice-President

Questions regarding TOUCH hours, Reporting TOUCH hours/service, questions about SGA Elections

Alissa Hendricks | alissa.hendricks@lmunet.edu  


Student Activities Coordinator

Questions regarding student life, club/organizational concerns, student programming ideas and concerns

Laura Bryant | laura.bryant@lmunet.edu  


Director of Research

Questions surrounding participating in on- and off-campus research

Dr. Natalie Freeman | natalie.freeman@lmunet.edu

Dr. Adam Gromley | adam.gromley@lmunet.edu



Office of Exam Services

Mary Bolton | mary.bolton@lmunet.edu

Lovella Fitzovich | lovella.fitzovich@lmunet.edu

Information Services

Personal technology issues, printing, myLMU, email accounts


Graduate Financial Aid Officer

Student accounts, financial aid, FAFSA, loans

Ms. Kelly Cash | kelly.cash@lmunet.edu


Immunizations, health insurance, background checks, yearly drug screens

Mr. Rick Slaven | rick.slaven@lmunet.edu

Ms. Anita Sutton | anita.sutton@lmunet.edu



Associate Dean of Students

General student concerns (school or personal), support resources, excused absences, COVID protocol, etc.

Dr. Justina Hyfantis | justina.hyfantis@lmunet.edu  


Assistant Dean of Students

General student concerns (school or personal), support resources, excused absences, COVID protocol, etc.

Dr. Kali Weaver | kali.weaver@lmunet.edu  

Mental Health Counselor

Concerns about your own or a peer's mental health

Julie Lamb | julie.lamb@lmunet.edu

Kasey Bruce | kasey.bruce@lmunet.edu

Career Services

Questions or concerns about your future career

Kendall Stagg, M.Ed. | kendall.stagg@lmunet.edu

Lisa Patterson Shelburne, MBA | lisa.shelburne@lmunet.edu

For ANY absences regarding labs or practicals - contact: 


To excuse an absence and arrange for makeup with scholars

*If you have an unexcused absence you will get 11% deducted from your final grade


Dean and Chief Academic Officer of LMU-DCOM

Dr. Christopher Loyke | christopher.loyke@lmunet.edu, Dean’s hour (see class schedule)


SGA Executive Board President

Curricular and scheduling concerns, school policy concerns, ideas for how to improve the campus climate

Joey Hamilton | joseph.hamilton@lmunet.edu


Class President

Class concerns (basically anything that affects your graduating class and has no effect on other graduating classes), ideas for how to improve the class experience and student engagement

Connor Brown, OMS-II | connor.brown@lmunet.edu

Kathleen Kind, OMS-I | kathleen.kind@lmunet.edu