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Reconnecting, Educating, and Advocating for Comprehensive Healthcare

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R.E.A.C.H. Mission Statement

To  identify the circumstances that disconnect patients from the medical community to better understand how to serve, build relationships with, and advocate for these patients.



What does REACH Club do?

Through our events such as clinics, talks with physicians, fundraising, and more, we aim to make a difference in our community. Volunteers can help us in serving alongside other organizations to “reach” our local community of Harrogate, Tennessee.

Recruitment Video                                                                

For Clinical Faculty


Faculty must follow the instructions below to precept at the clinic.

  1. Sign a copy of the volunteer release.

  2. Have a snapshot of your medical license.

  3. Upload the signed form and the snapshot of your medical license to this Google Form.

  4. Afterward, you may reserve a date on the calendar provided!

For Students


 Students must follow the instructions below to volunteer with the clinic.

  1. Read the guidelines for clinical volunteering.

  2. Sign a copy of the EKFMC Volunteer Release Form.

  3. Sign a copy of the Student and Observer Guidelines.

  4. Complete Bloodborne Pathogen Training and Certification.

  5. Upload all of these forms and certifications as well as a screenshot of your CastleBranch with all green checkmarks and your name in view to this Google form.

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