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How to Become an SGA Officer

Keep an eye on your email! Whenever an SGA election is coming up, an email will be sent to all relevant class listservs to infrom the classes about positions that are open and deadlines. 

1. Attend at least 1 SGA meeting at your campus in the year preceding the election you want to run in.

2. Talk to current SGA Officers to gain perspective about what each position's responsibilities look like day to day.

3. Read through the SGA Constitution.


4. Write a Letter of Intent (LOI) that is anywhere from a few sentences to a full page.

     i. Make sure to specify why you are interested in a specific position.

     ii. Include programs you want to grow or actions you want to take while serving.

     iii. Really not sure what to write? Reach out to current officers to see their previous LOIs.

5. Complete the signature sheet!

     i. Students who sign your sheet should be eligible to vote for you.

     ii. These signatures are NOT votes, simply support for your candidacy.

6. Submit your LOI and signature sheet to your campus' Student Activities Coordinator and Executive 1st VP.

7. Remind your friends and peers to vote!

When are elections?

-OMS-1's will elect their class representatives in September of their first semester

-OMS-2 class representatives are elected in February of their second semester

-OMS-3 & 4  class representatives are elected in February of their fourth semester and will serve until graduation.

-The Executive board is elected in February each year, and is normally filled with rising OMS-2 students.

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