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  • American College of Osteopathic Surgeons - Medical Student Section (ACOS-MSS)
    Club Leadership: President: Adam Young Vice President/National Liaison: Noah Heatherly Secretary: Amanda Brown Treasurer: Sam Ebner Historian: Rebecca Low Community Events Chair: Julianna Dresner Advisors: Dr. Adam Kolatorowicz, Associate Professor of Anatomy & Dr. Keagy, Assistant Professor of Surgery National Affiliate: American College of Osteopathic Surgeons - Student Chapter Club description: The DCOM-K Surgery Club has been designed to assist osteopathic medical students in gaining the tools to achieve GME residency in a surgical specialty. It has also been designed to increase community awareness of DCOM-K, especially to local surgeons. This is the local chapter of the Medical Student Section of the American College of Osteopathic Surgeons. Fee: Local- $25 & National- $30 IG: @dcomk_acosmss
  • American Medical Association (AMA)
    Club Leadership: President: Austin Thomas Vice President: Gabriella Goldstein Secretary: Jessica Brock Treasurer/Membership Chair: Micayla Barnett Advisors: Dr. Noah National Affiliate: American Medical Association Club description: The American Medical Association Medical Student Section chapter at LMU-DCOMK serves as the arm of the AMA on campus. Our activities primarily include engagement with elected officials and policymakers and learning more about how organized medicine benefits patients and physicians alike. Fee: $68 for 4-year membership
  • Anesthesiology Club
    Club Leadership: President: Emma Kochanowski VP of Student Education: Andrew Tucker VP of Clinical Outreach: Navjot Singh Secretary/Treasurer: Benjamin Frye Advisor: TBD Club description: The purpose of the Anesthesiology Club is to promote the study of anesthesiology and the applicability and utilization of various techniques and interventions with a particular emphasis on ultrasound imaging and common interventions such as intubation, airway maintenance, and ultrasound-guided vascular access. The group will also focus on providing information regarding residency and practice, including application, training, and scope of practice. Fee: $20
  • Christian Medical & Dental Association (CMDA)
    Club Leadership: President: Dacia Munteanu Vice President: Samuel Ebner Secretary: Sierrah Miley Treasurer: Jessica Boyer Advisor: Dr. Freeman Club description: CMDA is a national organization that educates, encourages, and equips Christian healthcare professionals to glorify God. Our goal is to foster a sense of community and support through Bible studies, prayer, and fellowship. All are welcome! Fee: None IG: cmda_knox
  • Community Wellness Program
    Club Leadership: General/Admin: Deja Murray Schools: Jessica Rosner & Sarah Thomas Women’s Health: Alexa Garcia Generations: Kyanna Johnson Communications: Tayler Simons Advisor: Laura Bryant, Student Activities Coordinator Club Description: The Mission of the DCOM Knoxville Community Wellness Program (DCOMKCWP) is to bring awareness of LMU DCOM to the Knoxville area. We serve as a liaison between students and various community organizations, providing DCOM students with volunteer opportunities to help impact the underserved greater Knoxville population. Fees: None IG: @DCOMK.CWP
  • Dermatology Club
    Club Leadership: President: Jacquelyn Beaudrie Vice President: Hannah Bowers Secretary: Kayla Garcia Treasurer: Michael Said Social Media Chair: Megan Finch Advisor: Dr. Jun Wang, MD, PhD Club Description: The Dermatology Club here at LMU-DCOM Knoxville is dedicated to inspiring and sharing knowledge of the field of Dermatology to Osteopathic Medical students interested in pursuing this wonderful specialty that manages both medical, and surgical aspects related to skin. We will strive to create an innovative learning environment by connecting with Dermatologists as guest speakers, working together to promote fundraising events, and create awareness of the importance of skin health through philanthropy within our community. Fee: $30 for a 1 year membership IG: @dcomkdermclub
  • Ear, Nose, Throat Interest Group
    Club Leadership: President: Kara McHalffey Advisor: Dr. Gina Defranco, D.O., Associate Professor of Family Medicine & Chair of Family Medicine Club Description: To promote Otolaryngology as a specialty education at LMU-DCOM Knoxville, increase medical students’ exposure and interest in Otolaryngology, educate medical students on how to increase their competitiveness as an applicant, inspire students with the vast opportunities of work within Otolaryngology, and assist students in pursuing Otolaryngology by way of guest speakers, networking, skills workshops, and specialty presentations from practicing LMU-DCOM alumni.
  • Emergency Medicine Club
    Club Leadership: President: Chloe Ellis Vice President of Skills: Alex Wiser Vice President of Events: Bridget Baur Secretary: Amanda Brown Treasurer: Christian Castano Events Coordinator: Monica Roberts Advisor: Dr. Danielle Darter, Assistant Professor of Family Medicine Club description: The Emergency Medicine Club's goal is to expose members to emergency medicine and related topics through a variety of guest speakers, skills labs, and other events. Fee: $15 IG:
  • Family Medicine Club
    Club Leadership: President: Dino Francescutti VP: Sarah Hogg Secretary: Molly Todd Treasurer: Sydney Clark Communications chair: Alexa Filion OMS-2 Liason: Sarah Ruston Advisor: Dr. DeFranco Club Description: As a ACOFP affiliate, we exist to foster interest and learning in Family Medicine among students at DCOM-Knoxville; and to better the community through local philanthropic efforts and community service focused on health and well-being. Fees: $15 annually IG: @dcom_familymed_knox
  • Internal Medicine Club
    Club Leadership: President: Natasha Gaitan Vice President: Kaitlyn Bishop Secretary: Caylee Farmer Treasurer: Nikhil Virani Advisor: Dr. Teanna Moore, Assistant Professor of OMM & Family Medicine Club description: The purpose of the Internal Medicine club is to foster and stimulate interest among osteopathic medical students in the practice of internal medicine while cultivating a fun learning environment through the promotion of hands-on experience, shadowing opportunities, guest speakers, and other activities. The internal medicine club will give back to the community through philanthropy and community service with a specific focus on well-being and health. Fees: $40 for a year or $20 for a single semester (usually for those who join late in spring). This includes club merchandise, food, multiple clinical events, etc. IG:
  • International Medicine Club
    Club Leadership: President- Ryan Scarborough Vice President- Baylee Kinnett Secretary- Briella Taylor Treasurer- Emily Philo Advisor: Dr. Debasis Mondal, Assistant Professor of Microbiology & Infectious Disease National Affiliate: DOCare International Club description: The LMU DCOM-Knoxville Chapter of DOCARE International is established in recognition and support of DOCARE global health outreach programs and the effort to provide primary healthcare to underserved people worldwide. The primary goals and objective of the chapter are to become knowledgeable about global health and primary care to resource-constrained communities in low- and middle- income countries and provide opportunities for students to explore areas of medicine through DOCARE. Fees: TBD IG:
  • Nutrition and Prevention Club (NAP)
    Club Leadership: President: Skylar Nash Vice President: Andrew Holztrager Treasurer: Kaylee Airola Secretary: Sydney Jones Advisor: Dr. Fuesting, Assistant Professor of Public Health Club Description: NAP's goal is to improve the future physician’s ability to promote the well-being of oneself and their patients through education of social determinants of health, with a focus on nutrition, exercise, and mental wellness, in the care of diverse populations. Fees: $10
  • Neurology Club
    Club Leadership: President: Julianna Dresner  Vice President: Autumn O’Neal  Secretary: Gianna Meckler  Treasurer: Nathanael Love Advisor: Dr. Ji Eun Kim, Assistant Professor of Anatomy Club description: Neurology Club seeks to provide opportunities for students to learn and engage more in the lives of those considered atypical neurologically. We hope to provide testimonials from practitioners and others in the field to give students the platform to ask questions and follow interest in the subject. Fees: $25 IG: @dcomk_neurology
  • Oncology/Palliative Care interest Group (OPSIG)
    Club Leadership: President: Grace Proffitt Vice President: Bhavana Reddy Secretary: Aarushi Jain Treasurer: Craig Genda Advisor: Dr. Mondal, Associate Professor of Microbiology Club Description: Oncology & Palliative Care Student Interest Group (OPSIG) is dedicated to providing opportunities to educate and stimulate interest in future careers in oncology and palliative care. We seek opportunities to connect with physicians to understand how to successfully match and provide fellowship among students interested in this field! Fees: None
  • Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology Club
    Club Leadership: President: Taylor Ahles Vice President: Haley Sams Secretary: Lizbeth Cruz Treasurer: Madeline Amos Faculty Advisor: Dr. Dominic Palazzolo National Affiliation: AOCOO-HNS (American Osteopathic Colleges of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery) Club Description: The OPT/ENT club was established to connect students who have an interest in ophthalmology or otolaryngology. Our goal is to provide events that engage medical students in their field of interest which will better prepare them for their upcoming rotations in OPT/ENT. Events include OPT/ENT skills labs, DO guest speakers, and DCOM wide events. Club fee: $15/year
  • Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Club
    Club Leadership: President: Noah Heatherly Vice President: Christian Castano Secretary: Savannah Collier Treasurer: Marli Howard Social Chair: Austin Beltramo Advisor: Dr. Jeffrey Martin, Associate Professor of Physiology, Associate Dean of Basic Medical Sciences & Chair of Physiology National Affiliates: Student American Osteopathic Academy of Orthopedics (SAOAO) American Osteopathic Academy of Sports Medicine (AOASM) Club description: The Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Club strives to keep its members up to date with related conferences, innovations, research, and residency information. We hope to bridge the gap between orthopedics and the osteopathic profession by proving in-depth knowledge and resources from multiple perspectives, with the goal of helping our members successfully match into Orthopedic Surgery. Fees: $20 IG:
  • Pathology Student Interest Group (Path SIG)
    Club Leadership: President: Matthew Shannon VP: Lucia Pastor Secretary: Rosie Garcia Treasurer: Catherine White Advisor: Dr. Brent Thompson Club Description: Pathology Student Interest Group (Path SIG) provides educational opportunities, seminars, hands-on workshops, professional development initiatives, and shadowing opportunities for medical students interested in pathology. Guest speakers are from a variety of sub-specialties, including (but not limited to) forensic pathology, neuropathology, surgical pathology, and hematopathology, as well as a variety of interdisciplinary professionals that collaborate with these professions. We also aim to increase awareness of the specialty among the student body and public awareness regarding pathology-related issues impacting the community. Fees: None IG: @lmudcom_pathsig
  • Pediatrics Club
    Club Leadership: President: Katherine Stevens Vice President: Angela Vari Director of Programming: Claire Gunter Treasurer: Nicolette Overton Secretary: Ashlyn Miller Advisor: Dr. Freeman Club Description: The Pediatrics Club is dedicated to helping medical students explore the field of pediatrics, and what it truly means to provide care to such a specialized group of individuals. With the help of speakers in the field, volunteer opportunities in our community, and professional networking events nationally, this club will allow its members to connect with those of similar goals and interests to better serve our local infants, children, and teens. Fees: First time dues: $50. (A portion of this goes for national membership into ACOP) Returning dues: $20 IG:
  • Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Club
    Club Leadership: President: Aaron Garner Vice President: Neha Joshi Secretary: Jacob Cholagh Treasurer: Jessica Rosner Advisor: Dr. Jerry Wieting, Senior Associate Dean & Professor of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine & Athletics Physician National Affiliate: American Osteopathic College of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (AOCPMR) Club Description: The PM&R Club aims to increase awareness about the growing field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, how to successfully match, and the various subspecialties that are available within the field. We strive to build relationships with physicians, residents, and former DCOM alumni within the field to help our students and club members be successful. Fees: None IG:
  • Physicians in Public Health
    Club Leadership: President: Chloe Harty Vice President: Jarod Banks Secretary: Amber Datta Treasurer: Rafeeah Samad Outreach Chair: Riya Thumar Advisor: Dr. Brandy Fuesting, DrPH, MPH, Associate Professor of Public Health State Affiliate: Tennessee Public Health Association (TPHA) Club description: The mission of the LMU-DCOM Physicians in Public Health Club is to emphasize the role and importance of Public Health in the daily practice of a physician through fostering communication, education, and scholarship in public health. Dues: $25 as an annual fee to DCOM; $15 of that will go towards an individual TPHA 1-year membership and $10 for membership into the Physicians in Public Health Organization. IG: @dcom_piph
  • PsychSIGN
    Club Leadership: President: Sierrah Miley Vice President: Juhi Sharma Secretary: Madison Hedge Treasurer: Vivian To Community Outreach Chair: Brooke Fishman Advisor: Dr. Leah Snodgrass, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Chair of Psychiatry National Affiliate: PsychSIGN - Psychiatry Student Interest Group Network Instagram Handle: @dcomk_psychsign Club description: PsychSIGN is the national network of medical students interested in psychiatry, from those with a rough interest in the brain and mind to those already in the residency application and match process. We connect students across the country to their peers, to psychiatry residents, and to practicing psychiatrists from a broad range of subspecialties. We provide mentoring opportunities, resources for your health and career, and ideas for expanding your interest group. Fees: $15
  • Student American Academy of Osteopathy (SAAO)
    Club Leadership: President: Nathan Abshier Vice President: Dacia Munteanu Treasurer/Secretary: Nina Musgrove Education Coordinator: Hunter Brady National Liason: Alex De Jesus Advisor: Dr. Moore, Assistant Professor of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine National Affiliate: Student American Academy of Osteopathy (SAAO) Club Description: SAAO's mission is to acquire a better understanding of osteopathic principles, theories and practice to include helping students attain a maximum proficiency in osteopathic structural diagnosis and treatment; fostering a clear concept of clinical application of osteopathy in health and disease. SAAO intendes to do this by improving public awareness of osteopathic medicine so that the community may better take advantage of the benefits provided by the complete health care concept of osteopathic medicine. Fees: $15 IG: @dcomsaao
  • South Asian American Society (SAAS)
    Club Leadership: President: Sajana Dumre Vice President: Nelay Govan Treasurer: Angelica Somiah Events Coordinator: Navjot Singh Advisors: Dr. Syed Quadri, Associate Professor of Pharmacology & Chair of Pharmacology, DCOM-Knoxville Club description: The purpose of South Asian American Society-Knoxville (SAAS-Knox) is to foster and stimulate interest among osteopathic medical students in minority outreach. SAAS-Knox aims to cooperate with other organizations to provide social and academic connections to the student body. We seek to facilitate cultural competency and education about Asian American culture among our students and faculty as well as the larger community here at LMU-DCOM. Fees: $25 (includes all food passes during events + free shirt) IG:
  • Social and Gender Equality in Healthcare (SAGE)
    Club Leadership: President: Monica Roberts Vice President: Nathan Abshier Treasurer/Secretary: Ally Villari Networking Coordinator: Katie Whitaker Advisor: Amanda Collins Club Description: SAGE stands for Social and Gender Equality! Our overall aim is to help encourage dialogue about topics relating to healthcare that may not be frequently discussed but are crucial to our success as physicians. The goal of SAGE club at DCOM is to encourage medical students to be mindful and intentional throughout our daily experiences as well as in our futures as healthcare professionals. We aim to create an open and safe space for conversation and education on topics relating to the important social aspects of the healthcare industry, as well as an opportunity for students to share their own perspectives and experiences on these issues. Some topics of interest are: LGBTQ+ healthcare Racial and ethnic equity in healthcare Social determinants of health Minority representation in healthcare Mental health awareness Womxn’s rights in healthcare Inclusive language Cultural humility Structural competency Fees: None Social Media: Instagram- @dcomk.sage
  • Student Association of Military Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons (SAMOPS)
    Club Leadership: President: Dylan Nguyen Vice President: Collin Archibald Treasurer & Secretary: Tobin Paez Advisor: Dennis Kiick Club Description: SAMOPS is a nationally recognized organization focused on the recruitment and involvement of physicians with our military forces. Our goal is to enhance DCOM community relations with current medical students, both military and non-military, while simultaneously preparing members for their careers in service to our troops. Fees: $15-20
  • Student National Medical Association (SNMA)
    Club Leadership: President: Octavia Clarke Vice President: Tayler Simons Secretary: Camille Coward Treasurer: Kyanna Johnson Advisors: Cody Harrison, Director of Academic Support National Affiliate: Student National Medical Association (SNMA) Club description: Student National Medical Association (SNMA) is committed to supporting current and future underrepresented minority medical students, addressing the needs of underserved communities, and increasing the number of clinically excellent, culturally competent and socially conscious physicians. SNMA is dedicated both to ensuring that medical education and services are culturally sensitive to the needs of diverse populations and to increasing the number of African-American, Latino, and other students of color entering and completing medical school. Fees: $17 annually IG:
  • Student Osteopathic Medical Association (SOMA)
    Club Leadership: President: Wolfgang Mattke National Affiliate: American Osteopathic Association (AOA) Club description: The nation's largest network of osteopathic medical students. SOMA educates and prepares osteopathic leaders and advocates. SOMA will advance collaborative relationships that promote osteopathic medicine in the greater healthcare community. SOMA will utilize and direct affiliation with the American Osteopathic Association to advance the interests and viewpoints of osteopathic medical students. Dues: $70 to the National SOMA to cover all 4 years of medical school Club Advisors: Dr. De Franco
  • Reconnecting, Education, and Advocating for Comprehensive Health Care (REACH)
    Club Leadership: Presdient: Ethan Thakran Vice president: Alyssa Jeffries Secretary: Madison Calloway Treasurer: Molly Jean Todd Clinic coordinator: Cassidy Hayes Activities coordinator: Eric Iribar Advisor: Dr. Darter Club Description: REACH is an organization committed to providing clinical and non-clinical service to our community, specifically toward underserved patient demographics. Our mission is to identify the circumstances that disconnect patients from the medical community to better understand how to serve, build relationships with, and advocate for these patients. Fees: $30 annually Learn more at IG: @lmudcom_reach
  • Ultrasound Interest Group (USIG)
    Club Leadership: President: Christiana Coonradt Vice President: Preston Capener Events and Speaker Coordinator: Nina Musgrove Radiology Chair: Nate Amey Club Description: To promote the use of point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) in undergraduate medical education and increase awareness among medical students about its various applications in medicine. To encourage leadership and mentorship among medical students through the facilitation of bedside ultrasound learning. To provide support, resources, and a platform for continued discussion and incorporation of ultrasound skills into the medical school curriculum. The USIG encourages leadership and development of ultrasound skills through structured mentorship and hands-on practice to enhance the preparedness of medical students for rotations and residency. Club Advisor: Dr. Danielle Darter
  • Vascular Surgery Interest Group (VSIG)
    Club Leadership: President- Abbey Hinton Vice President- Bradley Trotter Secretary/Treasurer- Amber Park Advisor: Dr. Keagy, Assistant Professor of Surgery Club Description:
  • Wilderness Medicine Club (WM)
    Club Leadership: President: Meriah Frauwirth Vice President - Membership: Taylor Jennings Vice President - Events: Gabriella Grund Secretary: Gregory Speleotes Treasurer/Marketing: Benjamin Perdomo Social Media: Amanda Clavijo Advisor: Dr. Kip Wenger, DO National Association: Wilderness Medical Society (WMS) Club Description: Our club provides the unique opportunity to take advantage of the region in which we live. With access to outdoor recreational equipment, we have the freedom to explore the nature around us. We also host educational plant walks and herbal medicine taste-testings. Our biggest event is MedWars, which is a nationally-recognized race hosted by our campus and features stations designed to test racers' knowledge of medicine in outdoor situations. We will continue to plan events that host experts in the field of Wilderness Medicine who can share their knowledge with our members. In addition to this, our club started DCOM's Recycling Initiative and remains active in helping our campus stay "green." Our influence is always expanding, and The Wilderness Medicine Club would be happy to have you as a member in our evolving organization. Fees: $10 IG: @wildernessmed_dcomk
  • Women's Health Club (WHC)
    Club Leadership: President: Oluwashina Ojo Vice President: Sulagna Sensarma Secretary: Amanda Clavijo Treasurer: Christiana Coonradt National Liaison: Rosangela Garcia Advisor: Dr. Gina Defranco Club Description: The mission of the LMU-DCOM Women’s Health Club is to familiarize students with the opportunities in the field of women’s health. To provide fellowship among students who are interested in pursuing women’s health. To educate the students and community members about preventable women’s health diseases and to acknowledge post graduate education and research in the women’s health field. Fees: $20 a year to DCOM that includes a T shirt IG:
  • DCOM Strong
    Club Members: Hunter Brady, Alexandra de Jesus, Bailey Gaddis, & Amanda Brown

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