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LMU-DCOM Research

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Hello all, this page contains research information for easy access. There is more information on the Canvas site through the DCOM Research course, as well as the LMU-DCOM main research page. The LMU-DCOM Research Site is linked below. 






Students should reach out to Research Directors to find projects, mentors, and better understand the research process:

Director of Research- Knoxville: Dr. Lindsey Miller, PhD

Director of Research- Harrogate: Dr. Lori McGrew, PhD

Assistant Dean of Research- Knoxville: Dr. Natalie Freeman, PhD

Director of Health Sciences Research & Grants- Harrogate: Carolyn Gulley, MEd

Research Coordinator: Amanda McCoy, RT(R)(CT) CNMT PET MPH-Epidemiology

Click the button below to see the LMU-DCOM Research Pathways.

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