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The LMU-DCOM SGA Diversity Initiative seeks to promote intellectual understanding and appreciation of diversity and social justice, while creating a community where everyone feels welcome and supported. Through collaboration with student organizations and individuals, we have hosted several events and speakers who promote diverse healthcare ideas and ultimately challenge the way we view the world. We also empower our students to celebrate their experiences by sharing them through the Students of Medicine series.

Class of 2022

Jenny Patel, OMS 2

Students of Medicine Spotlight

"Growing up, I spent a lot of time going to the Emergency Room due to constant asthma attacks. That, along with accompanying my grandparents during their doctors visits, led to me becoming more and more familiar in a medical setting. Even though I was just a child, I knew I was interested in what the doctors were doing, and appreciative of the compassion that each and every health care professional showed towards my family – many of whom did not speak English. As a first generation college student, it has been difficult navigating through college, graduate school, and medical school – but the inspiration and motivation that I gained as a child has not faded. To this day, I strive to be a physician as compassionate and genuine as the doctors who cared for my brother.” - Jenny

Class of 2022

Pooya Zardoost, OMS-1 

Students of Medicine Spotlight

Growing up as a child, I became exposed to the plight of human struggles through stories, before eventually having personal experiences of my own. My parents were part of a wave of progressive Iranians eager to flee the Islamic nationalists who wiped out all other factions of a popular uprising in 1979. On his recliner in the evenings and weekends, my dad would teach me about the politics and history of the world, and emphasized how similar humans are in their needs, desires, and frustrations. I learned the hard way in school that sports were a more popular topic among my peers! Also, it took me until high school theater to finally destroy whatever bit of introvert I had in my personality. What I’m trying to get at is that although I was always interested in people from literally all walks of life, it took trial and error ( and arguably still does), to properly deliver the proper social skills to make others comfortable in sharing more about themselves. When my mother’s osteoporosis and lumbar radiculopathy began to bring her severe pain in my later teen years, a passion for human health encompassed my foundation of human interest. My calling to become a physician wasn’t a sudden light bulb, but a growth from a seed. I realized through time that this path would allow me to blossom my interests in people through helping them in a way that hits home. Those of us who grow up on this Earth with relative privilege, are obliged to help our fellow human in whatever way that personally completes us. And through this path I’m finally on, I am closer to achieving my passion. 

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