Club Officers and Calendar

The updated club officers have now been posted under SGA, DCOM Club Officers.  Also, we are working on integrating a new calendar function to display all the club activities in one place on the website.  Stay tuned for further details.

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Change in User Registration Process

The user registration process has been modified.  Upon creating an account, a confirmation email will be sent to a new user.  In that email, you will have to click a link in order to activate your account.  This will remove the need for the webmaster to manually approve your account.  This is a trial run, but if it goes well, the change will be permanent.

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Ads now Posted

If you recently tried to post a classified ad, but you noticed the ad did not immediately show up on the site, we are working on a bug that causes ads to not be automatically posted. I’ve manually approved the adds that I could see (minus duplicates).

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SGA Meeting Minutes Updated

SGA meeting minutes from the last three semesters have been posted under the SGA Meeting Minutes page.

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Images on classified ads

Anyone placing a classified ad will now be able to attach images.

Sorry for the delay in getting this fixed.

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