Harrogate Clubs

Emergency Medicine Club (ACOEP)

Club Leadership: Rachel Mobley (President), Aman Khurana (Vice President), Jessica Fisher (2nd Vice President), Nick Breier (Treasurer/Secretary), Alicia Benz and Tyton Roberts (Skills Coordinator) Advisor: Rick Slaven, Coordinator of Student Advacement Club Decription: The Emergency Medicine Club is a group of students dedicated to advancing our knowledge and experience for the potential residency of emergency medicine. Of course you don’t have to have your sights set on EM to join! We would love to have anyone that wants to do hands on activities (airway training, disaster training, stop the bleed, etc.), participate in volunteering, as well as hearing from professionals on the EM/Trauma side of medicine. Our goal is to provide a wide range of experiences to help you succeed in school, learn more about EM/Trauma and have fun while learning in a hands on manner about the fast paced side of medicine.

American Medical Association (AMA)

Club Leadership: Akshita Patel (President), Cristina Marsocci (Vice President), Kristen Keck (Treasurer), Allison McClure (Secretary), Ahmed Khawer (Policy Chair), Ricky Curry (Hospitality/Recruitment Chair) Advisor: Dr. Leah Cobb-Snodgrass, Chair and Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Dr. Teresa Campbell, Chair and Associate Professor of Pathology Club Decription: The American Medical Association club is a unique opportunity for medical students to engage with and shape health policy.

Americal Medical Student Association (AMSA)

Club Leadership: Advisor: Dr. Batchelor, Director of Academic Asssessment Club Decription:

American Medical Women's Association (AMWA)

Club Leadership: Advisor: Club description:

BBQ Club

Club Leadership: Advisor: Dr. Michael Wieting, Senior Associate Dean, Professor of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine & Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Club Decription: BBQ Club gets together several times a semester to learn how to properly prepare, season, and cook all different kinds of meat. As an active member, you receive a copy of the DCOM Secret BBQ Cookbook, which contains award winning recipes from students and faculty members.

Business in Medicine Club

Club Leadership: Laith Abwini (President), Sophia Ahmed (Vice President), Omari Baines-Waiz (Secretary), Will Hinegardner (Treasurer) Advisor: Dr. Michael Wieting, Senior Associate Dean, Professor of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine & Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Club Decription: The Business in Medicine club strives to increase awareness of the important role business plays in medicine, especially pertaining to opening a practice in today’s ever-changing economy. The club also provides information on the value of a DO/MBA degree, brings speakers to campus with this expertise, and volunteers in the community.

Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA)

Club Leadership: Anna Tantari (President) Advisor: Dr. Leah Cobb-Snodgrass, Chair and Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Dr. John Williamson, Associate Professor OB/GYN Club Decription: CMDA-DCOM provides students with a weekly bible study, allows for thought-provoking discussion, and an opportunity to enjoy good food and fellowship with other students! (DO, PA, master's all welcomed). CMDA is a national organization---so there's opportunity for networking with student members and physicians at other schools.

Community Wellness Program

Program Leadership: Alexis Wilde (Director of School), Allison Bradford (DIrector of Schools), Megan Thompson (Director of Generations), Kourosh Safai (Director of Research). Advisor: Caleb Arnold Program Decription: Volunteer weekly in the surrounding areas to offer education opportunities to the members of our community. We provide activities that revolve around physical, mental, and emotional health. We aim to reduce the fear of physicians that children often experience and promote preventative care in daily life.

Dermatology Club

Club Leadership: Gabriela Beraja (President), Masera Ahmed (Vice President), Meghan Baumer (Treasurer) , Kaylee Harris (Secretary), Deema Almansour (Public Relations) Advisor: Dr. Jan Zieren, Associate Professor of Family Medicine Club Decription: The Dermatology Club is a place for you if you enjoy talking and learning about all things skin. The field of Dermatology is unique in that it consists of a wide variety of clinical disease presentations while also encompassing the fascinating world of aesthetics. We aim to have club meetings where we will have guest speakers as well as faculty members educate on both of these realms. Resources and advice from current residents that matched Dermatology from DCOM will be provided in order to help guide you as best as we can towards attaining your goals.

Family Medicine Club (SAACOFP)

Club Leadership: Diep Le (President), Megan Thompson(Vice President), Youssef Sabet (Treasurer), Ricki Sopontammarak (Secretary), Kalene Hayes (Community Coordinator) Advisor:Dr. Jan Zieren, Associate Professor of Family Medicine Club Decription: Student Association of the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians (SAACOFP) works to promote excellence in osteopathic family medicine through education, leadership, advocacy and networking. ACOFP is a professional medical association that represents more than 20,000 practicing osteopathic family physicians, residents and students throughout the United States.

Gastroenterology Association for Students (GAS)

Club Leadership: Garrett Shields (President), Cameron Bixby (Vice President) Advisor: Dr. Beatrix Dudzik, Associate Professor of Anatomy Club Decription: The Gastroenterology Association of Students at LMU-DCOM is a fun-loving, down-to-earth group of student doctors genuinely interested in talking about some very important topics that too often get left behind because they can be embarrassing. You don’t have to be invested in all things GI to join. We will embrace you! We seek to help all students reach the top by really getting to the bottom of things.

Internal Medicine Club

Club Leadership: Ahmed Khawer (President), Ji Min Lee (Vice President), Brianna Delamare (2nd Vice Presdient), Youssef Sabet (Treasurer), Anam Ahmed (Secretary) Advisor:Dr. Anya Cope, Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine & Director of Faculty Affairs Club Decription: The LMU-DCOM Internal Medicine club serves to increase awareness and foster interest of students to the field of Internal Medicine and its different subspecialties. Our events consist of various fundraisers, guest lectures and our annual Physicians Panel.

International Medicine Society

Club Leadership:Olivia Travis (President), Mary Sabbagh (Vice President), Jessica Fisher (2nd Vice President), Diep Le (Treasurer), Mishelle Encalada Mieles (Secretary), Anna Tantari (International Exchange Coordinator) Advisor: Dr. John Williamson, Associate Professor OB/GYN Club Decription: The International Medicine Society is a club designed for those passionate about international medical missions/ volunteering. We help foster that passion by having guest speakers who have gone on medical trips, as well as, a yearly medical mission trip over spring break.

Latin Medical Student Association (LMSA)

Club Leadership: National affiliate: Club Decription: LMSA-DCOM works to raise awareness and aim to close cultural gap between Latino and American culture in the Appalachian area while providing academic/ emotional support for LMSA-DCOM students

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

Club Leadership: Shayaan Naseer (President), Myrah Siddiqi (Vice President), Muzamil Arby (Treasurer), Fays Quadri (Secretary) Advisor: Dr. Syed Quadri, Associate Professor of Pharmacology Club Decription: LMU-DCOM Muslim Student Association serves to provide religious, academic, and emotional support for the Muslim (and Non-Muslim) students of LMU-DCOM. Additionally, we serve as a social outlet and have philanthropic goals we set out to achieve each year.

Neurology Club

Club Leadership: Morgan Young (President) Shaily Patel (Vice President), Omar Abushehadeh (Treasurer), Michael Harber (Secretary), Chinelo Agwuncha (National Representative) Advisor: Club Decription: Neurology Club seeks to provide opportunities for students to learn and engage more in the lives of those considered atypical neurologically. We hope to provide testimonials from practitioners and others in the field to give students the platform to ask questions and follow interest in the subject.

Nutrition and Preventative Medicine Club (NAP)

Club Leadership: Brittany Suddreth (President), Mubinah Khaleel (Vice President), Gabby Krikorian (Treasurer), Meryem Devleli (Secretary), Emiley Bryant (Liaison) Advisor: Dr. Dennis Kiick, Professor of Biochemistry Club Decription: Aside from Hippocrates famous quote, “do no harm”, many are not aware that the father of medicine also said, “let food be thy medicine and medicine be the food”. The human body is a complicated machine and what you put inside affects how efficiently this machine works. NAPs purpose is to educate students on nutrition as well as other factors that encourage healthy living; both physically and mentally. Treating diseases is the pinnacle of medical school but, what if we can learn to practice how to PREVENT disease.

Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Club

Club Leadership: Laith Abwini (President), Anthony Carbone (Vice President), Jan Angeles (Treasurer), Tori Coble (Secretary) Advisor: Dr. John Gassler, Associate Professor of Anatomy Club Decription: The Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Club strives to keep its members up to date with related conferences, innovations, research, and residency information. We host several skills based sessions throughout the year to enhance our exposure to the fields we will be entering.

Pediatrics Club

Club Leadership: Taylor Mayes (President), Allison Fellers (Vice President), Liya Thomas (2nd Vice President), Samuel Baden (Treasurer), Emma Lassen (Secretary) Advisor: Club Decription: Pediatric Club allows students to impact the children of the local community, as well as children from all over the country. Ped's Club hosts many events throughout the year, such as Cooper's Carnival, Kid's Health Fair and St. Baldricks.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Club (PM&R)

Club Leadership: Brennan Smith (President), Madeleine Geiss (Vice President), Joe Fuell (Treasurer), Ricky Curry (Secretary) Advisor: Dr. Michael Wieting, Senior Associate Dean, Professor of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine & Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Club Decription: PM&R Club provides students information about PM&R as a specialty and exposes them to all the opportunities available in the field. We focus on establishing relationships with residents and physicians within the field and provide guidance for obtaining a PM&R residency.

Physicians and Students Serving Appalachia Gaining Education (PASSAGE)

Club Leadership: Leanna Taylor (President), Ahmed Khawer (Vice President), Madison Prater (Treasurer), Bridget Smith (Volunteer Coordinator) Advisor: Dr. Leah Cobb-Snodgrass, Chair and Associate Professor of Psychiatry Club Decription: PASSAGE is a DO and PA club that is focused on service to our local Appalachian community. We send volunteers to and fundraise for Servolution (a local rural health clinic), organize the annual Cooper's Carnival event, and participate in other local charity events throughout the year.

Psych-SIGN Club

Club Leadership: Kourosh Safai (President), Meryem Divleli (Vice President), Tom Kaiser (Secretary) Advisor: Dr. Leah Cobb-Snodgrass, Chair and Associate Professor of Psychiatry Club Decription: Psych-SIGN is a student interest group that strives to help students learn more about the fields of psychiatry and neurology, while also providing resources and helping build networks in those respective fields through guest speakers and other resources. Psych-SIGN also seeks to raise mental health awareness and participate in community volunteering and fundraising.

Radiology Club

Club Leadership: Kaylee Harris (President), Danielle Beyes (Vice President), Will Hinegardner (Secretary), Bradyn Jasper (Treasurer) Advisor: Dr. Beatrix Dudzik, Associate Professor of Anatomy Club Decription: Radiology Club at LMU-DCOM strives to bring awareness to students about radiology as a specialty. We educate students on techniques and concepts that may arise in their careers regardless of specialty. We encourage cooperation and planning educational and interactive events with other clubs as radiology is a very diverse field.

Social and Gender Equality Club (SaGE)

Club Leadership: Jocelyn Rosenzweig (President), Philip Spurlock (Vice President), Sarah Lam (Treasurer), Kathleen Mattingly (Secretary) Advisor: Dr. Mary Beth Babos, Professor of Pharmacology Club Decription: SaGE strives to promote awareness and open communication both within and outside the LGBTQA community to better help future health professionals understand the specific needs of this population. Other topics SaGE addresses include those that focus on cultural sensitivity, women, and minorities.

Sigma Sigma Phi (SSP)

Club Leadership: Anthony Carbone (President), Jennie Nguyen-Cuu (Vice President), Amy Rousselot (Treasurer), Megan Thompson (Secretary) Advisor: Dr. Michael Wieting, Senior Associate Dean, Professor of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine & Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Club Decription: Sigma Sigma Phi is an Honorary Osteopathic Service Fraternity. It's objectives and purposes are: To further the Science of Osteopathic Medicine and its standards of practice, to improve the scholastic standing and promote a higher degree of fellowship among its students, to bring about a closer relationship and understanding between the student bodies and the officials and members of the faculties of our colleges, and to foster allegiance to the American Osteopathic Association and to perpetuate these principles and the teachings through the maintenance and development of this organization.

South Asian American Student Association (SAAS)

Club Leadership: Omama Rahmany (President), Liya Thomas (Vice President), Alen Saju (Treasurer) Advisor: Club Decription: SAAS was founded to bring diversity and awareness to the South Asians in the medical community. Our goal is to provide a space, not only for South Asians, but for anyone who needs mentoring, volunteering opportunities, and connections throughout medical school.

Student Advocate Assoctiation (SAA)

Club Leadership: Sarah Jernigan (President), Chasity Poe (Vice President) Advisor: Dr. Shelley Wieting Club Decription: The SAA is made up of student doctors, their spouses, significant others, and their family members. We seek to support and educate the members and the DCOM student body through events, fundraisers, and social networks. We coordinate events through the year to get students, families, spouses and significant others involved in the DCOM community.

Student American Academy of Osteopathy (SAAO)

Club Leadership: Rebecca Bloodworth Cherry (President), Morgan Young (Vice President), Courtney Taylor (Treasurer), Johnathan Grube (Secretary), Gerald Wang (National Representative), Chloe Cross (Education Coordinator) Advisor: Dr. Juanita Brown, Associate Professor of Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine Club Decription: Also known as OMM Club, our SAAO chapter aims to help our students become more knowledgeable and proficient with osteopathic principles and manipulative treatments. We promote a better understanding of the clinical application of osteopathy in our students and promote osteopathic medicine awareness in the community. Club events include the following: weekly meetings or emails covering anything OPP and practicing OMT on each other, RAM clinic volunteering, physician guest speakers, providing practice questions for OPP exams, OPP Review Boot Camp for incoming OMS-II

Student Association of Military Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons (SAMOPS)

Club Leadership: Anthony Carbone (President), Sam Cothran (Vice President), Emily Howell (Treasurer), Davis Lee (Secretary), Advisor: Dr. Dennis Kiick, Professor of Biochemistry Club Decription:Advisor: SAMOPS is a nationally recognized organization focused on the recruitment and involvement of physicians with our military forces. Our goal is to enhance DCOM community relations with current medical students both military and non-military while simultaneously preparing members for careers in service to our troops.

Student National Medical Association (SNMA)

Club Leadership: Mubinah Khaleel (President), Diamond Northington (Vice President), Nonye Uche (Treasurer), Priya Dhindsa (Secretary), Omama Rahmany (Historian) Advisor: Dr. Anya Cope, Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine & Director of Faculty Affairs Club Decription: SNMA is an organization that brings minority students together through volunteering, social events, and club meetings. Our goal is to bring the LMU community together and bring awareness to diverse backgrounds in the medical field. We provide a safe space for students to connect with each other.

Student Osteopathic Medical Association (SOMA)

Club Leadership: Haley Williams (President), Rob Foucart (Vice President), Aws Ahmed (Treasurer), Theresa Lee (Secretary), Ricky Curry (National Liaison Officer), Blakely Graham (Director of Community Outreach), Harper Baldwin (Volunteer Coordinator), Meghan Baumer (Director of Preventative Medicine), Leanna Taylor (Director of Pre-SOMA) Advisor: Dr. Jan Zieren, Associate Professor of Family Medicine Club Decription: SOMA is the student affiliate of the American Osteopathic Association. SOMA allows medical students the opportunity to enact change to the osteopathic profession and our education through policy changes and advocacy. On the local level, we are a diverse organization with many volunteer and leadership opportunities.

Student Osteopathic Surgical Association (SOSA)

Club Leadership: Casey Meier (President), Brennan Smith (Vice President), Akshita Patel (Treasurer), Allison Fellers (Secretary), Aws Ahmed (National Liaison) Advisor: Dr. Kolatorowicz, Assistant Professor of Anatomy Club Decription: Student Osteopathic Surgical Association is a group focused on furthering education in surgical techniques for students. Through special dissections, suture training and other skills sessions, we hope to advance our training prior to rotations in order to open doors for future opportunities.

Ultrasound Interest Group (USIG)

Club Leadership: Colton Morrow (President), Blaire Schumacher (Vice President), Kathleen Kalafatis (Treasurer), Lynn Leblanc (Secretary), Doug Barnett (Clinical Skills Coordinator) Advisor: Dr. Beatrix Dudzik, Associate Professor of Anatomy Club Decription: The Ultrasound Interest Group works to promote bedside ultrasound in undergraduate medical education, raise medical student awareness about the application of bedside ultrasound in medicine, assist medical students in pursuing bedside ultrasound learning, and facilitate ultrasound integration into medical school curriculums.

Wilderness Medicine Club

Club Leadership: Tori Coble (President), Chris Gould (Vice President), Sam Cothran (Treasurer), Logan Beutler (Secretary), Robert Jennings (Quartermaster) Advisor: Dr. Gina DeFranco, Chair & Professor of Family Medicine Club Decription: Our club provides the unique opportunity to take advantage of the region in which we live. With access to outdoor recreational equipment, we have the freedom to explore the nature around us. We also host educational plant walks and herbal medicine taste-testings. Our biggest event is MedWars, which is a nationally-recognized race hosted by our campus and features stations designed to test racers' knowledge of medicine in outdoor situations. We will continue to plan events that host experts in the field of Wilderness Medicine who can share their knowledge with our members. In addition to this, our club started DCOM's Recycling Initiative and remains active in helping our campus stay "green." Our influence is always expanding, and The Wilderness Medicine Club would be happy to have you as a member in our evolving organization.

Women's Health Club (WHC)

Club Leadership: Alexandra DeRita (President), Sierra Panting (Vice President), Allison McClure (Treasurer), Marissa Coutinho (Secretary), Masera Ahmed (National Liaison) Advisor: Dr. Gina DeFranco, Chair & Professor of Family Medicine Club Decription: The Women’s Health Club (WHC) is designed for students with an interest in Obstetrics and Gynecology. The WHC has multiple guest speakers throughout the year that highlight important topics in the field and also provide insight on the competitiveness of residency programs for Ob/Gyn etc. The WHC facilitates events that fundraise and help specific centers in the area for women.

Anesthesiology Club

Club Leadership: George Saado (President), Andrew France (Vice President), Laith Abwini (Treasurer), Alexandria Gudeman (Secretary) Advisor: Dr. John Gibbons, Assistant Professor of Physiology Club Decription: Anesthesiology Club serves to expose students to the many careers within the broad spectrum of anesthesiology, including critical care, chronic pain, regional, cardiac, OB, etc. Members will learn skills relevant to anesthesia but applicable to several clinical scenarios via workshops and lectures hosted by local practitioners and attending regional/national conferences with leaders in the field.