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Cumulative Exam Information

OMS-I First Semester


  • Comprised of questions from MGA, MFM, OPP, and Histo

  • Formatted in a board-like style, meaning it will be higher order, clinical questions; there won’t be straight recall questions

  • Like the MCAT and boards, individual scores will normalized based on the class average


  • Start now!

    • Waiting until after the next block exam doesn’t leave you enough time to properly prepare for the final exam. Think about your study schedule now and find the best times to include an hour of question review and studying of material from the beginning of the semester. How much time can you dedicate now? 1 hour a day and 2 or 3 on the weekends? Just 3 hours on a Saturday? During lunch and the empty block of time before/after your MGA lab time? Whatever time you have, plan for it and start reviewing. Don’t think you have enough time? Check out the example schedule here and adapt it for what works for you.

  • Trust what you know!

    • You’ve made it this far, so trust yourself. If you answer 10 practice questions in a row from week one of MGA correctly, you understand that section so move on. Don’t spend the time you have focusing on the items you already know front to back; focus on the areas where you see yourself missing multiple practice questions.

  • Start with practice questions!

    • You’re going to be answering questions from day one through the last day of lectures. It is impossible to go through every PowerPoint and lecture you’ve ever seen, so test yourself with practice questions to see what you know and where your main focus needs to be.

  • Make each question count!

    • Think about how you’re using the practice questions. If you answer a Histo question correctly, briefly explain (to yourself, your study group, your child, your dog, or anyone who’ll listen at Starbucks) why that is the correct answer. Then, look at the other answer choices. Can you rephrase the question to make each of them correct? This can turn one question into five questions, potentially.

  • Use your resources!

    • Tutoring, professors, academic support, counseling, advisors, study groups, mentors, online questions, the library… these support systems aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so continue to use them for support.


  • MGA

    • Approximately 40 questions – roughly 10 from each block

    • Study Resources: Gray’s Anatomy Review, BRS Gross Anatomy, High Yield Gross Anatomy, Clinically Oriented Anatomy blue boxes

  • MFM

    • Approximately 40-45 questions

    • Study Resources: Blackboard discussion boards, Lecture Objectives, High Yield concepts that were previously tested

  • Histo

    • Approximately 30-40 questions

    • Study Resources: Look at the last page of your syllabus

  • OPP

    • Approximately 30-40 questions

    • Study Resources: Lecture Objectives, High Yield concepts that were previously tested, Think about the connections you have made between lectures and labs

check out this example study schedule!

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